iSpec is a web-based activity for learning spectroscopy. It puts specific focus on developing student skills to ensure that the students
  1. learn about the resources involved in obtaining the spectral data and
  2. obtain the skills necessary to handle spectra which have not been processed by experts, to better reflect the use of spectroscopic techniques in their later work life.
The basic idea is that every action costs resources. In iSpec the cost of a resource is given in the form of resource points (RP), such that different experimental data can be “purchased” for a number of RP.
The activity targets second-year undergraduate students or higher.

Try it

To try the game, register for a trial account and play the game here.


The manual for playing the game is here.


If you are a teacher and would like to use the activity with your students, please contact me by mail. There are possibilities for mass subscriptions of students, extracting statistics, etc. to provide insight into the student performance.

Thomas Vosegaard
Aarhus Unviversity